Travel Inn Ltd is a private consult firm for providing international exchange programs and support students and young professionals from Bulgaria to gain valuable experience and enhance their careers.
The company was founded in April 2006 to help promote cultural exchange opportunities for individuals wanting to live, work and travel abroad.
We chose to specialize in this business because we love exploring new and exciting cultures and facilitating unique and enriching opportunities for others to see, touch, taste, smell and hear what the world has to offer. Travel Inn primary goal is to provide exchange programs, which enable students to learn about other languages and cultures while participating in community life and helping achieve international understanding.

Our young but experienced staff is ready to provide the best services. Most of the members of our staff have taken part in cultural exchange programs in the past.

With our U.S. partners support we can offer you the following programs:

Work and Travel –  The Work & Travel Program offers post-secondary school students who are actively pursuing degree or full-time course of study at an accredited educational institution the opportunity to take paid work in the USA for the period of up to four months during summer university break. This program is great opportunity to explore the U.S., get to know its culture and its people, improve English language skills, earn money, develop network of international contacts, and gain marketable job skills.
Internship/Practical Training – A long term programmes, organized by the American Government, through which you can work a qualified job for a period of 18 months. Internship/Training programme is intended to provide working experience on your college or university major subject. Participating that programs you improve your professional language with the necessary terminology and you also get in touch with the structure, the way of work and business relations in developed American companies. You get familiar with life and culture in the USA meet trainees as you of various nationalities, who often happen to become your business partners.
Educational Programs
English Programs: Standard, Intensive and Super Intensive English
Business Programs:

  1. Professional  Certificate in Business & Management
  2. Single Subject Business Diploma

Exam Preparation: TOEFL& TOEIC
Youth English Programs

A guarantee for the normal run of the programmes is the fact that everything is done by an organizations, authorized by the American Government, which observes you and helps you during your whole stay.