Field of training
Travel Inn together with US partner organization offers you an opportunity to receive training in the USA hosted by companies, cultural organizations or volunteer agencies in positions related to your field of study. All positions pay a stipend depending on qualifications.

Training programs are in the following fields:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Information Media and Communications – Training in Web Design, Systems Analysis, Systems Administration, Programming, Mass Communications, Television/Radio/Print Journalism, Printing & Publishing, etc.
  • Education, Social Sciences, Library Science, Counseling and Social Services
  • Management – Training in Business Management, Hotel Management, Management Training, etc., Business – Training in Marketing, Advertising, Accounting, Human Resources, Production and Manufacturing, Insurance, Real Estate, International Business, etc., Commerce and Finance – International Trade, Banking, Cost & Financial Administration, Investments and Securities, etc.
  • Health Related Occupations
  • Aviation
  • The Sciences – Training in Marine Biology, Biochemistry, Zoology, Geology, Hydrology, Organic Chemistry, Statistics, Aerospace Science, Solid State Physics, etc., Engineering – Training in Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Architecture – Training in Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Urban Architecture, Mathematics – Training in Mathematical Analysis, Statistics, Algebra, Applied Mathematics, and Industrial Occupations – Training in Industrial Engineering, Industrial Relations, etc.
  • Construction and Building Trades
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
  • Public Administration and Law – Training in Public Relations, Business and Labor Law, Criminal Law, Civil Liberties, International Law, Environmental Law, etc.

The Exchange Visitor Program does not allow internships in the following “unskilled occupation” fields:
Not Allowed

  • Biotechnology, biochemistry, biophysics and bioengineering
  • Defense
  • Military
  • Flight attendants and flight engineers
  • Security transportation administration
  • Biochemical projects or projects related to the US national security
  • Medical doctors (require US license)
  • Care-givers, baby-sitting (direct contact with seniors or children)
  • Nurses dealing with patients and adult care (direct patient care) or distributing medicine to patients in hospitals
  • Teachers who want to teach English or other subjects at school to American students/children
  • Actors who want to act in the movies, shows, plays etc
  • Casinos – poker/game dealers or money/funds transactions
  • Motels, restaurants, and nightclubs
  • Adult entertainment
  • Bartenders
  • Building/construction/repair cars or bridges or building houses
  • Cab driver services
  • Pick up delivery services (Cargo shipment, post office, mail delivery)
  • Cooking or cleaning at the hotel or restaurant
  • Direct contact with animals/veterinary


  • Health care administration and management; how to run hospitals, business administration at clinics and hospitals; front desk registration system, filing system, supply/demand coordination under strict health department administrator
  • Teacher administration and management, including how to teach and manage the ESL program
  • Teacher exchange program, including teacher’s training methods, new techniques, skills on classroom instruction, curriculum development, developing a new training course, creating a new chair, faculty, department at school/university, running student’s alumni, scientific, cultural and social projects and activities at school, business administration at school, public relations and marketing of training programs or school
  • Business, commerce, finance and investment field
  • Library administration and management
  • Arts business, arts administration and management; developing/supporting performing arts, show production, development and maintenance
  • Civil engineering administration and management – no construction activity/no military construction
  • Hotel management and administration – how to run a small hotel, business operations, including administering and managing guest relations, catering, planning, entertainment and hospitality business, managing food, housing keeping and transportation.
  • How to run bread and breakfast, which is part of small business and entrepreneurship
  • Learn how to promote art and culture, history and architecture between two countries, museum management
  • Learn how to promote international relations, social, public and private sector business affairs
  • Non-government, non-profit (NGO) policy, administration and management;  marketing for NGOs, program/project development, fundraising techniques and tools, public relations, project implementation, writing business plans,  proposals and budgeting/accounting and tax exempt policy and administration for nonprofits/NGOs
  • Real estate management; interior design, remodeling techniques, architecture, design techniques and managing projects
  • American business culture, management, marketing, finance, commerce and development.