Placement Process /Application Processing Steps/:
Step 1: Submits the Application Form and present all required documents
Step 2: Set up an English Test
Step 3: Job search and arranging interview
Step 4: Submitting program fee
Step 5: Processing placement paperwork and issuing J1 application
Step 6: Visa interview and Pre-departure orientation
Step 7: Arranging flight details


  • Filled Application form provided by Travel Inn Ltd.
  • Covering letter for the position applicant applies (printed in English).
  • CV printed in English with photo (SMILE).
  • Letter of Verification from school representative, copies of transcripts or student status (notarized copy, if applicable).
  • 2 references/recommendation letters from a previous employer/educational institution/official body (must be printed and translated into English).
  • A photocopy of passport.

Our agency works together with American sponsor organization and help participants locate employment.
The final step involves an interview with a consular officer at the U.S. Embassy in Sofia, which our agency will help you to arrange. The purpose of the interview is to ensure that the participants meet the requirements of the program and are eligible to receive visas. For more information on visa requirements, please visit:

Application Package Details
The application package must include:

  • A travel document (passport) valid for at least 6 months beyond the applicant’s intended date of departure from the United States;
  • Completed Bar-Coded DS 156 Form (nonimmigrant visa application) completed in English and available on-line at with a 5×5 cm photo (NOTE: The computer printout is three pages and includes a 3-D barcode on the third page. This barcode MUST be submitted as well or the application will be rejected as incomplete);
  • Supplemental Form DS-157 for all applicants above the age of 16;
  • Supplemental Form DS-158 (supplemental information form required of all J visa applicants). – The DS-157 and DS-158 may be filled out on computer or by hand. This form must include ALL employment regardless of whether or not it is “official”;
  • DS-2019 form (acceptance to a designated exchange visitor program);
  • $35 SEVIS fee payment receipt (only for J1 SWT participants, not H2B);
  • Union bank payment receipt;
  • Student book;
  • “Uverenie” issued by the university;
  • DHL airway bill and the top part of the Authorization release form; and
Job Offer Letter and any other documents that might illustrate ties to Bulgaria. (These documents are not compulsory and will be viewed by the Embassy as additional information.)