Program Duration
Training on the J-1 Visa Program may last between 3 weeks and 18 months.
Internships are limited to 12 months.

J-1 visa allows Trainees and Inetrns to:
• Participate in a internship program for up to 12months maximum or in a training program for up to 18 months maximum (this may also be either less months, depending on the length of the program they have chosen) They are eligible to participate in an internship/training program through the dates listed in box #3 on DS-2019 form. This particular J-1  visa  DOES  NOT  allow  employment  outside  of the  training  program  and  is  NOT extendable past 18 months under any circumstances.
• Obtain a Social Security number.
• Obtain a U.S. driver’s license.

This J-1 visa does not allow Trainees and Inetrns to:
• Change their host employer or gain employment outside of training program
• Extend their training program past 12 months for interns and past 18 months for trainees. (18 months is the lifetime maximum for the training program and 12 months is the maximum period for internship program)

This visa is a “Multiple” Entry Visa. This indicates that they may travel  in  and  out of the  United States up until the  date  their J-1  visa  expires.