Type of Jobs:

Every year, the program draws many thousands of students from around the world. Many work at hotel, beach resorts, and amusement parks across the U.S. Others are employed at national parks or even casinos. And of course, they have the opportunity to see some of the cities and scenery of the 50 United States.
In general, type of employment is the same as any legal U.S. resident – employment of a commercial or industrial nature. Exclusions are limited to jobs as:
○ Au Pair, Mother’s Helper, Nanny, Babysitters, Servant or other jobs of domestic nature in private homes.
○ Medical Services (medical interns or anything involving hands-on therapy, counseling, administering treatment or making diagnoses of medical, psychiatric or psychological patients).
○ Crew member on a ship or airplane or as pilots.

All Work & Travel participants must be paid at least the federal minimum wage, which is currently $ 5,15 per hour.