Тhe United States Summer Work and Travel program permits post-secondary school students to work and travel throughout the U.S. during their summer holiday.
According to US Department of State regulations, Summer Work and Travel Programs are designed to achieve the educational objectives of international exchange by involving students during their summer vacation directly in the daily life of the host country through temporary employment opportunities.
The Summer Work and Travel program is great opportunity to explore the U.S., get to know its culture and its people, improve English language skills, earn money, develop network of international contacts, and gain marketable job skills.

The purpose of the Work and Travel Program is to offer international students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the U.S.A. daily life through temporary employment opportunities during their summer holidays.
Participants will also learn about U.S.A. culture and specifically the values in American business practices. On the other hand, the Americans will increase their cross-cultural knowledge of others parts of the world. The friendship formed will not only last a lifetime but also assist you in your career development upon returning home.